Player Data

Analytics is a multi-dimensional discipline. There is extensive use of mathematics and statistics, the use of descriptive techniques and predictive models to gain valuable knowledge from data – data analysis. The insights from data are used to recommend action or to guide decision making rooted in business context. Thus, analytics is not so much concerned with individual analyses or analysis steps, but with the entire methodolgy. There is an increasing use of the term analytics in sports and we at playerbreakdown are taking the opportunity to use analysis and analytics to help players achieve their goals and dreams.

Analysis is being widely used in sports such as Football, Baseball and Basketball to describe teams and how players play.  Playerbreakdown wants to revolutionize the world of analytics in sports and analyze the core components of what makes any sport possible.  “The Player” is the root component of every sport and if we can measure and analyze each player, we can then better understand them, future players, teams and ultimately the sport itself.

Join Playerbreakdown today and not only make a difference in yourself, but the sport you love.

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