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If you haven’t registered to become a member, please do so now. First time accounts can sign up for a free membership.  For more access and perks, upgrade your account .  Once you have signed up, please follow the steps below to get started with your analysis and player improvement measures.  

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Navigate yourself through your member profile page and add a photo so that friends, recruiters and coaches can put a face to a name. Once you’ve navigated through your profile, let’s move onto the next step and start the analysis process.


Ready to get your analysis? Start adding pictures and videos in your “media” album based on the type of analysis you want. For more information on which to choose and how to sumbit, please visit refer to our FAQ page.


Label each photo or video to correspond with the type of analysis you are submitting for. For example, if you are going to record and upload the sprint test, please label your video submission “Sprint test”. Visit FAQ page for more info.


The following list summarizes the type of analysis playerbreakdown performs. Quickness Test, Speed Test, Passing Technique, Shooting Technique,Longball Technique, Trapping Technique, Defensive Technique, etc…

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