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Soccer at the junior high and high school level are becoming more competitive every year. There are more opportunities for young soccer players to participate in elite level soccer than ever before. With that comes much more demand on the player to succeed.  Playerbreakdown believes that every child should have the opportunity and resources available to them to help them achieve their dreams. 

​There is a point where the best players will move on and play at a higher level. For some, it is trying to make the JV soccer team, or earning a scholarship to a college. Talent is usually a large determining factor, but hard work always pays off!  A solid fundamental program will help you become faster, more confident and stronger at the position you love.  

You can become a better-confident soccer player.  Sometimes these factors can be the difference between more playing time and continuing to the next level. If a youth soccer player is looking to improve his or her ability to earn more playing time or move up to the next level, the difference is usually hard work and a solid foundation in the basics of soccer.

Correct Technique and Program Design

With so much information available about soccer techniques and differing opinions amongst coaching regimens, it can become quite overwhelming and confusing when deciding which program is best for a youth soccer player.  That is where playerbreakdown comes in.

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